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It all began overlooking the natural icon that is Wilsons Promontory

Prom Coast Ice Cream began when owners and creators Hilary Skelton and Daniel Encel started making ice cream when they ran the Walkerville Caravan Park Kiosk. As a Kiwi Hilary insisted their fare include ice-cream-in-a-cone. After searching for a commercial product and rejecting them all they embarked on making their own.

With no previous ice cream making experience or knowledge other than eating it,  by trial and error they came up with recipes and flavours. Kiosk customers were willing taste testers. The ice cream following gained momentum and when a customer said “I drove 150 km  for your lemon sorbet” they thought they might be onto something.

Calls came from local businesses wanting to stock the product and Koonwarra Store and Inveloch Foodwork were the first to get on board. Buoyed by the momentum of further customers, Hilary and Daniel sold the kiosk to concentrate on production for their wholesale market.

Our ice cream and sorbet is the type we want to eat. Creamy & dense ice cream and refreshing, fruit-filled sorbet in classic flavours with real food ingredients.

We supply all types of businesses large and small from supermarkets to wineries and tourist venues to boutique food stores. We also sell large orders directly for weddings and special events.

You can read more about our products here. Details on our flavours is here. Find the nearest stockist to you here.